Simply weather station on Arduino

Simply weather station on Arduino + BME280 + OLED. Graphs of temperature, pressure and humidity.

The latest version of the sketch is — using the u8g2 library, which supports many displays. In particular: SSD1306, SH1106, HX1230. The library is installed through the arduino environment, Sketch->Connect Library->Manage Libraries. The bme280 library is installed from the same place - a variant from Tyler Glenn.

The assembly is elementary - since the display and the sensor work via I2C, just connect the SDA pins to pin A4 of the arduino, SCK (SCL) to A5, Vin to the 3.3V supply and Gnd to ground.

Upd. В прошивке немного ускорена отрисовка, на 8МГц ардуине она притормажвала.
Возможный корпус — Прочее: arduino pro mini 3.3V, bme280, OLED 1.3″ SH1106.